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Change 4 Life Newsletters

Below are the monthly Change 4 Life newsletters where you can find out what sporting activities we are doing in school and information about what sporting opportunities are in the local community. Click on the links below to read each months newsletter.

Change 4 Life Resources

On this page you will be able to find a range of additional PE resources and websites which you can use to keep children healthy and active at home. Click the links below to be redirected to the resources. We would love to see any additional sporting activities which you do at home. Please can you send any pictures or achievements to change4life@stjamesacademy.co.uk


Here are a range of home orienteering activities for you to do at home.

At Home Orienteering

Garden and Home Orienteering Challenges

Orienteering Challenges

PE Hub

We use PE Hub in school as part of our curriculum. They have provided children with a range of challenges to do at home.

PE Hub - Challenge 1

PE Hub - Challenge 2

PE Hub - Challenge 3

PE Hub - Challenge 4

Stay At Home Stay Active

We are proud to be part of the School Games Organisation. Here are 7 weeks of sporting activities for children to participate in whilst at home. Each week there is a different sport for you to practise.

Week 1 - Gymnastics

Week 2 - Athletics

Week 3 - Orienteering

Week 4 - Netball

Week 5 - Football

Week 6 - Racket Sports

Week 7 - Rugby

Complete PE - PE Home Learning Activities

Complete PE have shared a range of challenges for children to join in with at home! If you would like to tweet Complete PE to show them the children doing their activities, their link is: @Complete_PE

Air Balloon

Animal Moves


Cross the River

Fast Feet

Golf - Rolling

Healthy Hearts

Hopscotch in a Hurry

Hunt the Hats

Kitchen Curling

Move to the Beat

Noughts and Crosses

Rolling Penalties

Save the Treasure

Sequence Champions

Socks in the Box

Space Monsters

Speed Bounce

Standing Long


Step Ups

Table Tennis

Tap Up Tennis

Wall Ball

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt 1

Scavenger Hunt 2

Scavenger Hunt 3

Additional Activities


5 Mindfulness Activities

A Week of PE Activities

Spell Your Name Workout 1

Spell Your Name Workout 2

Spell Your Name Workout 3