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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

Christian Values

Our Christian values provide a constant heartbeat throughout our school. They are the drivers, alongside our British values, for the curriculum and together provide the focus for our daily act of worship. We believe that if everyone follows these values then they will grow up to become model citizens in modern Britain.

We have adopted six core Christian values (as chosen by our Collective Worship Committee to represent what we stand for), which run through our school just as 'wording in stick of rock' (as one of our children expressed).

Each half-term we consider one value in particular depth alongside the constant presence of each of these in our curriculum.

These are:







Christian values and British values are at the core of our school life and we encourage respect for other faiths by giving children knowledge of other major world religions.

We aim for the balance between spiritual, moral, social and academic emphasis and this to be the constant heartbeat throughout St James.