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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

London Drama & Culture Residential 2018-2019

What a great way to show our readiness for the future, by undertaking a residential visit to our capital city. The trip has been designed to ensure that the children can test their independence, show the conduct that we reward them for each day and demonstrate using their social skills and understanding to ensure everyone has a wonderful shared experience.

We are committed to creating spiritual experiences that rely upon opportunities to develop speaking and listening. Attending this kind of residential is the perfect way to see how that oral confidence can be so important and open so many doors to the future. This is a fabulous opportunity to take a look at our modern, diverse - yet equally historic - capital city to deepen their awareness of life in modern Britain and what this looks like in our own capital. A fabulous experience all round!

Our first stop was the London Eye. The children were able to see the Houses of Parliament, BT Tower, St Paul's Cathedral, The Shard, MI5 and Buckingham Palace, even though it was a little cloudy!

Our last stop on the first day was to the Prince Edward Theatre to take in a performance of ‘Aladdin’. The show had breathtaking sets, mind-blowing special effects, fabulous costumes and a great cast. The show really did bring Disney’s Aladdin to life.

After stopping at our amazing accommodation and consuming the best breakfast ever, we were on our way to the fantastic Warner Brother studios to see the making of Harry Potter. We had a great time! We couldn’t tell who was more excited, the children or the teachers! Here we saw how they created the wonderful sets, tried butter beer, had a ride on a broomstick and we even had a duel with the Death Eaters! It was a magical experience that we certainly won’t forget!

The children of St James were absolutely fantastic and we were very proud of each and every one of them!