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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

Tanzania Day

Geography took the spotlight during our recent Tanzania Day to celebrate our partnership with Ragata School in Mara. Each class was charged with becoming a tour agent for Tanzania. But there was a big moral question thrown into the mix: What should we celebrate and promote about Tanzania - its natural wonders or the way in which communities work together?

We spent time looking at the great sights of the Serengeti and Kilimanjaro and the importance of its climate but then took a closer look at our partner community in Mara. We were amazed to discover the way in which this Christian community lived compared to our privileges and then even more amazed to see the strength, hope, happiness and togetherness that they demonstrate. So it create a dilemma for our 'tour agents' as to how they should promote this fabulous nation and its people.

We had been recently helped by visits from Canon Arthur Mauya and Melina Galibona, the Tanzania diocesan link leaders on a tour from the region and from Jonathan Wood, at Holy Trinity, who had recently visited our region. Both gave first hand evidence relating to life in Mara and helped to build and develop our understanding.

The classes then had to demonstrate their sales pitch to a community panel including parents, ex-pupils (both with links to Tanzania) and Reverend Kevin, whose parish also hold a link to Mara.

A thought provoking day all round which allowed us to make connections between our beliefs and lives and how other communities can challenge this.

Here are some images of the artwork created in year 1 and 2, whilst the second picture shows the reception children building their own display which reflects worship around a tree from Mara.

Outdoor provision designed by the children to create an inclusive Tanzania community that takes care of everyone and keeps them safe.