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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

To celebrate our Tanzania Design & Technology Day, the children were asked to be 'great inventors' in a special design and technology driven set of challenges. Throughout the day, each year group looked at a big question and had to create an every day item out of minimal natural resources to help answer their question and solve their problem. The children had to think about their own lives in relation to the main themes related to their questions: how easy it is for them to access water; whether they have a place to rest; if they have toys and how they work. Whilst doing this they were asked to consider those in Tanzania and whether children there have the same resources as we do.

Children and staff were both put to the test - as designing and creating something from nothing did prove to be a challenge - whilst the children enhanced their appreciation for what they have in their own lives. They also thought about their friends in Ragata and came to the conclusion that even though the children might have limited resources, they appreciate what they have and that helped us to consider the difference between want and need.

It was an amazing day for all involved and a great opportunity for the children to experience the differences between our lives and those of our friends in this very contrasting Christian community of Ragata. Design, technology, geography and themes from worship came together to make a day of lasting memories.

Mr Wildey will be sharing the ideas and activities with our link school in Ragata when he makes his visit there in February.

Thank you to parents for supporting us with resources which made the day happen.

It is interesting to see how two communities with similar core beliefs live in such different ways.