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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

KS1 Team

Class Teachers: Mrs Brown (Class 1/2), Miss Purves (Class 2) and Mr Wildey (Class 1)

Support Staff: Mrs Parsons, Miss Ingham, Mrs Harding, Mrs Barns, Mrs Walsh

Autumn Term 2017

Year 1 - Science (Parts of a Plant and Their Functions)

The children have had a lot of fun learning about plants. After an initial input where the children learnt about the different parts of the plants and their jobs, Class 1 had the opportunity to dissect a potted plant. The children worked in groups and matched part of the plant to the given titles. The children were confident in labelling each part of the plant and began to understand their functions.

Year 1 - Art (Sketching and Water Colouring Flowers)

In science we are learning about plants and what they need to grow. Before we started our science experiments, the children had the opportunity to practise sketching a pansy. They had a very good go at using their sketching skills to sketch and then coloured the pansy. Once they had had a practise at sketching and colouring, the children then moved onto sketching and using water colours. The class listened brilliantly to instructions and were very patient with their sketching and their water colours to get their desired outcome.