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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

LKS2 Team

Class Teachers: Miss Hirst/Mrs Butterworth (Class 3/4BH), Miss England (Class 4GE) and Miss Howgate (Class 3SH)

Support Staff: Mrs King, Mrs Barns, Ms Day, Mrs Wainwright, Mrs Critchlow, Mrs Treherne, Mrs Paton, Mrs Bramald, Mrs O'Connor, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Harding & Mrs Wightman-Smith

Regular Weekly Timetable (Maths/English/Rollercoaster Times Tables/Reading - each morning)

INDOOR PE: 3SH – Tuesday 3/4BH – Friday 4VB - Wednesday

OUTDOOR PE: 3SH – Friday 3/4BH – Monday (Y3 Only) & Friday 4VB – Wednesday

SWIMMING – Year 4 - Monday

HOMEWORK: Maths and reading given on Fridays and due in on Tuesdays.

SPELLINGS CHECK: See their blue book to find out what they have been tested on.

ROLLERCOASTER TIMESTABLES: You will receive a checklist sheet after every half term to give you an update on your child’s progress.

READING BOOKS: sign once a week - to be checked at school.

Download our latest Curriculum Information Sheet for details about what we are doing right now!



Now let us tell you about how we learn and some of the fabulous things we have been doing in recent times.

Autumn Term 2017

As part of our Rainforest topic, we have researched survival tips, built dens and written instructions for an explorer. It was very engaging and purposeful learning outside and we showed excellent team work.

The children had the chance to meet a real life tribesman from the Rainforest. We tried to communicate with him however he didn't speak our language. We have discussed our options to learn how to communicate with the tribes man and learn all about his culture and beliefs as we learn about tolerance, mutual respect and individual liberty.

Summer Term 2017

We have been studying Romans during the Summer Term. This formed the centre of our work across the curriculum. We took part in a number of thematic days to bring our work to life and give it real purpose. This included visits from a Roman solider and being a Roman citizen for a day - effectively becoming a living museum. We wanted the children to empathise with the lives of everyday people from the time and this has been a fabulous way to achieve it. They created a battle scene and worked together as a team to defeat the opposition! Below are some pictures from these events.