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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

KS2 Team

Class Teachers in UKS2: Mr Duce (Class 6 & Upper School Leader), Mrs Joyce (Class 5/6) and Miss Bennett (Class 5)

Support Staff: Mrs Lloyd and Mrs Rawlinson.

Spring 2017

To consolidate our knowledge on this term’s topic ‘Can a Leopard change its spots?’ the children went on a visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. During the visit the children got the chance to explore the park and take part in an educational session which looked at Animal Habitats and Adaptation.

Autumn Term 2016

As part of our recent Year 5 and 6 topic (Does money make the world go round?) and the school’s current focus on Friendship values, the children opened their own Café for a day to promote friendship in school and make money to donate to a chosen charity. The children worked incredibly hard all week to design and create all of the tableware and decorations for the café, as well as applying for jobs and learning the importance of teamwork and effective communication skills. We had waiters and waitresses who ran the café extremely well, managed by the ‘meet and greet’ children who helped to organise the seating and keep everyone happy. Photographers did a brilliant job to capture the amazing atmosphere of the café and the cashiers who handled the money were excellent and used their Maths skills fantastically well. The chefs in the kitchen produced some wonderful food and kept things going when under pressure, and the people working on the drinks and cake stall did a brilliant job in both handling hot drinks, delicious cakes and managing money.

Overall we had a brilliant week, culminating in a very enjoyable (and incredibly busy) café afternoon.

The overall purpose of the café was to help bring people together and promote friendship, but also to help teach the children about enterprise and create an opportunity to make money to improve classroom resources for the children as well as to donate to charity.

The children raised a lot of money and have decided to donate some of the money raised to the Tanzania project that we have been learning about and supporting through our links with St James church and our recent visits to church. The children all agree that this charity matches the values we have been promoting in our learning around the things that really matter in life and we all hope it can help to make things a little better in a place that doesn’t have all of the luxuries that we take for granted each and every day.

Below is a selection of the feedback we received:-

"The service was wonderful & the food was great - well done to all concerned"

"A fantastic experience where the children worked very professionally - well done everyone"

"What a fantastic café. You all did brilliantly. The food was delicious and your service was very efficient with lovely smiles"

"Lovely welcome to start. Food came quickly and was good. Lots of smiley faces - fantastic!"

On a recent visit to St James Church the children handed over to the money they had raised so the church could send it on to the Tanzania project.