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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

Class Teachers: Mrs Joyce (Class 6CJ), Miss Shallcross (Class 5/6CS) and Miss Rouse (Class 5AR)

Education Support Assistants: Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Rawlinson & Mrs King

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Now let us tell you about how, and what, we learn and some of the ways in which our approach challenges thinking and moves our British values and spiritual, social, moral and cultural understanding forward. Remember, we aim to be 'Ready for the Future'.

Independence is key in UKS2, as the children get ready for their journey to secondary school and their adult lives. As a result, we aim to create opportunities where the children have to think for themselves, be resilient and learn how to problem solve. The children are encouraged to take responsibility for themselves, ensuring that they are prepared and ready for their learning, which will then have a positive impact on their future. This is developed through positive reinforcement and an attitude of not being afraid to make mistakes or give up. Respect is vital, not only for each other and adults, but also for themselves. Treating everyone as equals, accepting that we are all different and being tolerant of different views and individual liberty are constant talking points in our curriculum. Our children are the oldest in school, and therefore role-models, respect must be shown at all times, both inside and outside the classroom. UKS2 have introduced mindfulness as a technique to enable the children to feel relaxed, peaceful and confident in school. Mindfulness is something each class try and practise on a weekly basis, using a variety of techniques, such as breathing activities, visualisations and yoga. Overall, the team within UKS2 work hard to ensure that every child feels important, respected as an individual and are part of a team. Every day, we challenge the children to reach their full potential and we aim to make sure that they are equipped with the skills they need for their future. The passionate teachers in UKS2 aims for the children to be happy, show a love for learning and go home with a smile on their faces!

Autumn 2017

In December, UKS2 created a war museum. The hall was transported back in time to the 1940’s, with a variety of war time artefacts on show. From WW1 helmets and trenches, to WW2 periscopes, sweetheart pins and ration books. There was so much for the visiting families to see.

The children became wartime characters. We had soldiers, nurses, evacuees, land army girls and so much more. Parents were spoilt for choice with the fabulous displays to see and the competitions to enter.

Once the museum was in full swing, all classes performed the hit ‘Hey Mr Miller’, written in memory of Glenn Miller. To conclude this amazing night, the parents were in for a treat with two fabulous Charleston dances to celebrate the end of WW2.

UKS2 team would just like to say a huge well done to the children as they were absolutely awesome and really got into the spirit of the evening. Thank you to all the parents and family members that came to support us. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Above all we wanted to display how we have studied the differing viewpoints and experiences of war. We were determined to consider how war was not just a male, white, British story and how television and film can often tell us just that. We wanted to empathise with experiences of war which touched everyone. (Men, women, rich, poor, different nationalities, beliefs and skin colour were all considered as we tried to realise what empathy for all really means and how this can help our social and moral understanding.)


To consolidate our recent rationing work, the children of UKS2 were set the challenge of making a meal, with strict criteria, fit for a family of four. In groups, the children had to research and plan their meals, and then prepare and cook it for their judges: Mrs Joyce, Miss Shallcross and Miss Court. The children had to work as a team to ensure that their meal was presented well, was a balanced diet and most importantly, was edible and tasted good!

The children absolutely loved this challenge and have promised to put their cooking skills into action at home!

Children of UKS2 experienced being a 1940s housewife for the day. They looked at primary sources of evidence from the local areas of Wakefield and had to complete a rationing challenge based on the information she provided. Dorothy, our guest speaker, told us facts about WW2 and what it was like for people during this time - I'm particular the experiences of women and the poor and the strength they were required to show. It made us consider our lives in relation to these experiences.

All children in UKS2 attended St James the Great Church, in October and November, as part of the 'Our Vision in Our Community' partnership. Reverend Kevin and Mr Wainwright studied our community and school partnership with the region of Mara and, in particular, Ragata School. Our friends are in our prayers and thoughts and we have learned much about respect and tolerance for beliefs and ways of life. It is interesting to see how an non-white Christian community live together and how they have the same beliefs as ourselves but often live in very different ways.

During October, UKS2 visited Eden Camp and experienced what it would have been like for all members of British society during wartime. When we arrived, our first stop was to watch a puppet show, where we watched performances from famous stars from the World War period. It was particularly interesting to hear so many children talk about the importance of mutual respect and tolerance when looking at the effects of war.

Whilst the children had the opportunity to walk around the huts and experience the sights and smells from the war years, we asked them to consider how different groups of people from British history could be identified here. What were the experiences of poorer people and how important were women to the war effort?

From black out huts to walking through a trench (and even a submarine) the children thoroughly enjoyed their thought provoking day which brought their history topic to life.

Recently, year 6 welcomed an ex-pupil (Ben Day) into the classroom; he delivered a fantastic presentation on his recent experience in Tanzania. The children listened to traditional Tanzanian music, looked at pictures and were provided with lots of interesting information. Ben's task was to show how a contrasting Christian community live and work. He talked about their values and the importance of respect within their society. This was a really valuable experience as we aim for our oldest children to know more about communities beyond their own experiences. Learning from, and with, our friends in Mara is proving very important.

During the wartime topic, the children had the challenge of becoming teachers and were required to research a specific event during WW1 and WW2. They all used primary and secondary sources of evidence to help them produce a fantastic presentation, which they then shared with the class. Here are a few pictures of the children’s finished products. There questions included how much individual liberty was affected during the war and how different 'rules of law' had to apply during these times.

Recently the children in UKS2 were taken back to army training barracks for historical themed role play. They were led by 'General Joyce, Sergeant Shallcross and Colonel Court'. They were involved in three different activities throughout the day, which included stitching sweetheart pin cushions, military fitness training and making helmets. This event provided the starting point for their first topic of the year: 'A World Without War'.

Summer 2017

During this term, our children's big question has been: ‘Can a leopard change its spots?’. This science and geography inspired topic looked at the importance of habitat, climate and adaptation. We considered how different groups of people across the World value and respect wildlife. We considered how animals own 'individual liberty' is lost through the actions of humans and how mutual respect is vital to sharing our planet with all God's creatures. The children visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park to experience many of these creatures for the first time. During the visit the children, had the chance to explore the park and take part in sessions which deepened their scientific knowledge and understanding. It has been interesting to see the outrage when the children discover the mistreatment of animals due to humans not keeping to our accepted 'rules of law'. We certainly feel that they want to change the world for the better and many have their own blueprint for this!