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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

KS2 Team

Class Teachers in UKS2: Mrs Joyce (Class 6), Miss Shallcross (Class 5/6) and Miss Court (Class 5)

Support Staff: Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Rawlinson & Mrs King

Autumn 2017

Class 6CJ were invited to Church on Wednesday 15th November where Reverend Kevin and Mr Wainwright discussed Tanzania; specifically the region of Mara which is where Ragata School is based.

On Thursday the 12th of October UKS2 visited Eden Camp and experienced what it would have been like for soldiers and people during World War I and World War II. When we arrived, our first stop was to watch a puppet show, where we watched performances from famous stars from the World War period. The children enjoyed jokes, songs and some of them even got showered.

After a fab introduction to the camp, we had the opportunity to walk around the huts and experience the sights and smells from the war years. From huts that showed the black out, walking through a trench and even a submarine, the children thoroughly enjoyed their day and it definitely bought History to life.

Today, Class 6 welcomed an ex pupil (Ben Day) in to the classroom; he delivered a fantastic presentation on his recent experience in Tanzania. The children listened to traditional Tanzanian music, looked at pictures and were provided with lots of interesting information . Overall , the children were intrigued and enthusiastic to find out about his time there. Thank you Ben!

Year 5 and 6 have been learning all about World War 1 this half term. Recently, the children had the challenge of becoming teachers and researching a specific event of the War. All of the children used primary and secondary sources of evidence to help them produce a fantastic presentation, which they then shared with the class. Here are a few pictures of the children’s finished products.

Yesterday the children in UKS2 were taken back to the 1900’s, where they met General Joyce, Sergeant Shallcross and Colonel Court. They were involved in three different activities throughout the day, which included stitching sweetheart pin cushions, military fitness training and making helmets. The children thoroughly enjoyed their day yesterday and are now ready to start their first Topic of the year: A World Without War.

Spring 2017

To consolidate our knowledge on this term’s topic ‘Can a Leopard change its spots?’ the children went on a visit to Yorkshire Wildlife Park. During the visit the children got the chance to explore the park and take part in an educational session which looked at Animal Habitats and Adaptation.