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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

From Summer term 2021, we will formally teach RSE to children throughout school. RSE includes Relationships Education, Health Education and we will also teach some non-statutory elements of sex education. The DfE strongly advise that primary schools teach some age-appropriate sex education lessons to children, enabling them to be able to talk confidently, and knowledgeably about their bodies. It also upholds our school values of being ready for the future.

We will use Coram Life Education and their SCARF materials to deliver not only RSE but also PSHE. We feel that RSE should be included within PSHE, it should not be seen as a stand alone subject. Throughout a child's journey at school with us, they will have the opportunity to revisit previous themes and build on their prior learning. Lessons will always be age appropriate and will take into account the needs of the children in the class. You can find out more about Coram Life Education and the SCARF materials by visiting their website: https://www.coramlifeeducation.org.uk/ You can also read further information about RSE, how SCARF materials support this and some FAQs on their information letter to parents: SCARF parent information letter.

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Our RSE policy

Long term PSHE and RSE plan

Parent information booklet - this shows an overview of the teaching objectives for each year group from Reception to Year 6

Government information to parents about RSE

RSE statutory guidance

Here is a link to the Powerpoint and slides that were used in the Parent Consultation meeting that was held on 10th March: Powerpoint - RSE Parent Consultation

Here are the questions that have been raised by parents, along with answers.