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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

If you would like to meet Miss Minor and the different teams, please click on the names below to watch the clips.

Miss Minor

Foundation Stage

Key Stage One

Lower Key Stage Two

Upper Key Stage Two

Usually, we would share information about ourselves on 'Change Over Day'. As this hasn't been able to happen this year, your class teachers have sent some information about themselves for you to read.

Miss Minor (Headteacher)

Mrs Clarke (Class RC)

Miss Ingham (Class RI)

Mrs Hambleton (Class 1AH)

Mr Wildey (Class 1/2TW)

Mrs Butterworth (Class 2JB)

Miss Rouse (Class 3AR)

Mrs Brown (Class 3/4DB)

Miss Howgate (Class 4SH)

Miss Killeen (Class 5EK)

Miss England (Class 5/6GE)

Mrs Joyce (Class 6JH)

Miss Hirst (Class 6JH)