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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

Here you will find our remote learning offer in 2 different scenarios. The first outlines remote learning that will take place in the event of lockdown or whole school closures. The second shows how remote learning will be used to support individual children, or individual bubbles having to self-isolate when school is usually open.

Remote learning offer: In cases of whole school closure or lockdown

Remote learning offer when school is open: individual cases of self-isolation

Below you will find our Contingency Plan, which details how we will continue learning if we need to close school. This is also known as an Outbreak Management Plan. At St James, we refer to this as our Contingency Plan and we use this wording throughout the document.

Contingency Plan

For any future live Meet and Greet sessions, the remote learning agreement can be found here: Remote learning agreement

You can also find the Covid-19 Catch-Up Premium Plan here. This shows how the 2020-21 funding was allocated at St James, and also includes the review of the Covid-19 Premium funding.