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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

The 'Circle of Life' themes are outlined below on a two year rolling programme for years 1 - 6. The programme for reception year runs across twelve months and their themes are merely the opening into deeper, pupil driven study of books, interests and questions within these. This includes 'The Big Question' which forms the centrepiece for our studies. The aim is that this question is, as much as possible, a moral, social and/or cultural question that opens up further questions and studies, ensuring that our British and Christian values and personal, social and emotional development are at the heart of our thinking - above all we want to create big questions that bring about meaningful opportunities that enable spiritual development to run alongside these other aspects. We often use the phrase 'the wording in a stick of rock'. This is how we see 'The Big Question' unfolding and how we try to embed the values and aspects outlined above. 'Ready for the Future' - our academy vision - must be lived and seep through into every aspect of our academy life. This overview combined with 'The Big Question' creates the vehicle for this.