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Our English units of work aim to give children the necessary knowledge and skills to be able to read fluently, write cohesively and speak confidently. Each area of school creates a long term plan. All the classes within each phase follow the long term plan but they ensure that their short term planning meets the needs of the children in their class.

Please click below the view the long term plans for each area of school.


Long term plan

Key Stage 1

Long term plan 2015 - 2016

Long term plan 2016 - 2017

Lower Key Stage 2

Long term plan 2015 - 2016

Long term plan 2016 - 2017

Upper Key Stage 2

Long term plan 2015 - 2016

Long term plan 2016 - 2017

Phonics & Reading

We use a synthetic phonics programme called 'Read Write Inc' produced by Ruth Miskin. Read Write Inc is a method of learning centred around letter sounds and phonics, blending them together to read and write words and using these learnt sounds in their reading and writing. In EYFS and KS1 children will follow a daily phonic programme to create fluent, enthusiastic readers, confident speakers and willing writers. Some children in KS2 are also taught via the 'Read Write Inc' programme.

Using Read Write Inc the children learn to read effortlessly so that they can focus on comprehending what they read. It also allows them to spell effortlessly so that they can focus on composing what they write.

The children are assessed and grouped according to their ability. They work with an adult on the Read Write Inc programme. Children are regularly assessed and regrouped according to their need.

Reading Scheme

Upon entry, children are given a picture book until children are secure at Phase 2 phonics and can segment and blend simple CVC words. Once children have achieved this then they follow the Floppy's Phonics scheme until they are secure at Phase 5 phonics. At this point they move on to Oxford Tree Reading scheme (usually at Stage 5 and continue on this scheme for the rest of their time at Key Stage One.

I Can Help Writing, Reading & Phonics Resources

Below are a range of resources that we shared, considered and requested at our recent parent training events. Please click to download the one of your choice.