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Circle of Life Mathematics

Our Circle of Life curriculum attempts to give purpose and a clear reason why to everything that we do, including our mathematics. We use the White Rose Maths Hub to inform our planning and use same day marking known as 'Take 10' for all maths sessions. We believe that marking in mathematics, and indeed all subjects, provides effective impact upon learning when it is done at the time - beyond that it becomes a tick box exercise. All staff are trained to mark within lessons and our children use marking stations to assist their own reflections and progress within lesson.

We have worked hard over the last four years to refine a system for teaching mathematics that enables children to start at the point of learning that is correct for them. We use pre-learning tasks at the start of the unit to elicit levels of need, input and to arrange groupings. These groupings remain dynamic and interchangeable each day. Not so much 'maths places' more the 'right maths place at the right time'. From here the children peel off within a lesson at one of three stages 'bronze, silver or gold' depending upon the stage they are working at. Gold reflecting expected outcomes and silver working within this. Platinum offers the opportunity for greater depth within the particular concept. It is never about sheer coverage and speed - it is about strong understanding that can then be taken into different contexts and situations. The emphasis is upon problem solving and demonstrating how the solutions have been achieved. Our children work with concrete objects as much as is required before moving to more abstract written methods as outlined in our policy.

We use a fast tracking system for children who, during pre-learning, evidence that they are ready to start at a much different pace and stage. This again should change from unit to unit. Personalising mathematics with effective feedback and time to reinforce understanding. That captures what we are trying to achieve and again matches the qualities needed in our 'ready for the future' vision.

Below is some useful additional information.

Calculation Policy

Please click here to find a copy of our Calculation Policy. It contains the methods taught in school from Reception to Year 6. Although each calculation is split into year groups, children's prior learning and ability will be taken into consideration.

Written Methods

Below are four videos that show our calculation policy in action. If you require further information about this then please come and see your child's class teacher who will be happy to help you.

Addition Methods

Subtraction Methods

Multiplication Methods

Division Methods