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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

Collective Worship

Religious Education and Collective Acts of Worship

At St James CE Primary Academy we recognise and aim to fulfil our roles as a church school and as a school of the local community. We value our links with St James’ Church, Chapelthorpe and the whole school worships there at least once a year.
A single act of worship is provided each day in accordance with the principles and values of the Church of England as stated in the Trust Deed.

Religious Education is provided under the terms of the Wakefield Agreed Syllabus 2017 which reflects the fact that religious traditions in Britain are, in the main, Christian whilst taking account of the teaching practices of the other principal religions represented in Great Britain.

Parents have the right to request that their child be excused Religious Education and withdrawn from the act of worship.

Our daily acts of worship reflect two main , constant themes: those of our school Christian values and the importance of British values - specifically we consider how these two aspects help to shape the person we desire to be. Take a look at our diary below to see how these two aspects are embedded into our time together.


Please find below a warm welcome from the Bishop of Wakefield

From earliest times the Christian faith has held learning and teaching at its heart - the monasteries of Yorkshire were centres of education. The Church of England helped pioneer education for all and the Diocese of Wakefield now has 100 church schools within its boundaries. For all these reasons we welcome you and your child to this school.

We hope you will find it a happy community where young people are nourished in every way. The school offers all that our educational system requires, but it aims to do this in a distinctive way - within the context of the Christian faith, where teaching and learning are rooted in faith in God as seen in Christ Jesus, and handed on by the Church over the centuries. The school is also an inclusive community where all children and adults , from different faith backgrounds and none ,are welcomed.

Church schools work to foster those attitudes in children which prepare them to become good, reliable and honest members of the wider community. But good citizenship is also dependent upon and nurtured by the guidance and example received through family life. We invite you, then, to work with the school staff in helping your child to develop into a mature and responsible member of the community. This will mean guiding your child to grow spiritually, socially and intellectually, thereby encouraging self respect, respect for others and faith in God.

We welcome you most warmly and I commend you to God’s blessing.

The Rt Revd Stephen Platten

Bishop’s Lodge, Woodthorpe Lane, Wakefield, WF2 6JL

Tel 01924 255349 email: bishop@wakefield.anglican.org Fax: 01934 25O2O2