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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy


‘A constant heartbeat throughout the school.’

We aim to provide a quality education which enables each child to achieve their full potential within a caring Christian environment.

Through our daily actions we encourage our children in a way which nurtures concepts such as sensitivity to the needs of others and mutual respect, whilst helping them to search for a faith that has meaning for them.

Christian values and British values are at the core of our school life and we encourage respect for other faiths by giving children knowledge of other major world religions.

We aim for the balance between spiritual, moral, social and academic emphasis and this to be the constant heartbeat throughout St James.

Aims of the Academy

  • To make clear that this is a Church school and to develop spiritual awareness and to make children aware of different beliefs, being tolerant, understanding and show respect for all others.
  • To provide a safe, well-organised, supportive, celebratory and stimulating environment
  • Encourage our children to express and experience excitement, curiosity, co-operation, enthusiasm, interest, independence, resilience and reflection about their learning experiences and take pride in belonging.
  • Encourage everyone to behave sociably and take responsibility for their actions, which helps to provide a safe environment where everyone’s contribution is valued. The term ‘forgiveness never ends….’ is key to our philosophy.
  • We aim to generate a curriculum and ethos which is built upon Christian values and British values and ensure a daily act of collective worship remains at the heart of our school.
  • We expect our children to learn to read, communicate and calculate to their highest standards.
  • We expect our staff to work hard, be enthusiastic and committed to providing a quality learning experience.

‘We aim to ensure that our children leave St. James not only achieving as highly as they can, but with the social skills, moral awareness, values and attitudes to use their achievements to create a better, safer society where they can prosper and make a difference as active participants in society.’

We have captured our Mission Statement, aims and values in the following motto, initially using the words of A.A. Milne to help us….

By the time you leave St. James promise us you’ll always remember that….

‘…you're braver than you believe.’
‘…you show mutual respect in every way.'
‘…you're smarter than you think.'
‘…you're more patient than you thought.'
‘…you're more understanding and tolerant than you realised.'
‘…you're more resilient than you were.'
'…you're happier than ever before.'