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The Current Work of the Physical Education 'Change 4 Life' Leaders

Physical Education, within both the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, has expanded and developed throughout the current school year, aided by the increase in P.E. and sports funding. We have seen huge increase in opportunity and impact in the last two years but this year has seen the biggest developments yet which, as co-ordinators, we have been charged with leading. PE has been part of the full curriculum review and is now central to 'The Big Question'. We have recently updated the subject action plan, ready for the second half of the year, and during leadership time have been analysing evidence of pupil outcomes over time. We are focused upon delivering high-quality PE that inspires all pupils to succeed and enjoy competitive sport and physically-demanding activities - part of our enhanced role is to facilitate this and train staff. Throughout this work we have been focused upon our two main goals: 1) more children will become physically confident and physically active every day; 2) that pupils will understand the importance of health and fitness and the impact this will have on their physical and mental well-being. PLEASE SEE OUR LINK PAGES ABOVE FOR DETAILS ABOUT THE HUGELY ENHANCED BODY OF WORK THAT OUR CHILDREN HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN.

Our Physical Education Curriculum and Academy Vision in Action

(See Our Extra Curricular Offer 2018/2019 on the 'About Our School' Tab)

During our physical education lessons, we ensure that the children are aware of the various rules within sporting activities. Due to the broad physical activity on offer both in lessons, inter-house competitions, intra-house completions and external provider events, the children have the chance to compete in sports and other activities, which embed the value of fairness and respect. We explain the importance of following the rules and how these link to the idea of a 'rule of law' that we all adhere to. Mutual respect and tolerance also play important parts within our various events. We like to promote competitive events but within a climate of respect and tolerance. We find this the perfect opportunity to put learning into practice. Togetherness and trust form central parts of our teamwork activities in this subject and are referred to as key values to make our work successful. We see physical education as an ideal driver to embed values and for our children to make sense of them.

Extra-curricular P.E. & Sports

Each year, through Parent Forum and Stakeholder Evaluation, we make revisions according to parent feedback. The Change 4 Life Leaders, with the increased capacity created by greater funding, have further increased the amount of extra-curricular activities available. In particular, we have tried to target specific groups and individuals and always attempt to accommodate all abilities and age groups. Each year group have fair and equal opportunities with the events on offer. As we are part of the Kettlethorpe Pyramid, competitions are organised that allow the children the chance to represent Wakefield and then Yorkshire. Therefore, the extra-curricular clubs on offer coincide with this. Staff have started lunchtime sports sessions that include dance and tag rugby in preparation for upcoming tournaments and shows. Recently, we have been part of the cross country tournament and progressed through to the third stage - a chance to represent Yorkshire. Furthermore, we have advanced to the second stage in Netball and Tag Rugby. A new, exciting opportunity for a competitive netball and football league, has been introduced for the Kettlethorpe pyramid this year - again thanks to additional funding being deployed to increase capacity. Due to its initial success, this will continue throughout the year and beyond. We are currently extending our range of community sports events with our All Saints partner schools.

Our lunchtime provision has been designed over many years to create a wide range of sporting opportunities. We employ a Lunchtime Sports Play Leader who manages a range of sports each day (tennis, golf, carpet bowls, soft-tip darts, table tennis, football, gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, rounders, cycling).

Recent 'Circle of Life' Curriculum Highlights

Reception Year

Reception children have access to the outdoor environment daily and are encouraged to explore and experiment with objects and movements. They have been developing their control and co-ordination through fine and gross motor skills. In Spring, the children enjoyed the 'Bring your Bike to School' event, where they had to safely negotiate the obstacle course and continue onto the bike track. To encourage 'healthy body and healthy mind' reception had to think about the importance of riding a bike and exercise. To enhance their learning, the children were then given the challenge to design and make their own assault course, which they had to complete.

Key Stage 1

To launch our famous people focus, the children received a letter from NASA to undertake an astronaut training circuit, where they began to master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching as well as developing balance and agility.They will continue to practise these skills and then apply in a range of activities such as hockey, bat and ball skills and throwing and catching activities. Through team games, children are learning simple tactics of attacking and defending and co-operating in these challenging activities. The children have performed dances using simple movement patterns linking to their toys theme, which has included creating a Nutcracker dance.

Lower Key Stage 2

Year 3 and 4 have been focusing upon football and hockey whilst developing their attacking and defending skills. The children developed their own 'Oompa Loompa' dance and movement patterns using control and balance (including symmetry and asymmetry) inspired by their Charlie and the Chocolate Factory studies. They were required to perform and evaluate their performances in order to make improvements to their work. The year 4 children attend weekly swimming lessons, where they are taught to swim competently and proficiently over at least 25m using a range of strokes effectively. The children are also shown how to perform self-rescue in different water based situations.

Upper Key Stage 2

To ensure Year 5 and 6 understood the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and living an active life, to launch our World War them, the children experienced the regime of being a soldier. This enabled the children to appreciate why soldiers had to be physically fit and healthy. Year 5 and 6 then focused on performing a Charleston dance to celebrate the end of the war. The children were able to perform a whole dance routine, using Charleston steps and improved their performance by analysing each other. They then performed this dance to parents during their after school exhibition. For outdoor P.E., the children have been able to participate in volleyball, football, tag rugby and basketball, where they learnt basic principles suitable for attacking and defending. Throughout these games, the children were encouraged to communicate, collaborate and compete against each other.