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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

Our Physical Education Curriculum

At St James we offer a broad range of sporting activities over our two year rolling programme. Children have two PE lessons timetabled each week (an indoor session and an outdoor session). Children will learn important skills during PE lessons and use this knowledge to develop these further when they revisit the sport. At the end of each unit of work, all children participate in competitive intra house competitions to showcase the skills which they've learnt. There are opportunities within these competitions for children to act as referees, score keepers, time keepers and coaches for their house.

Throughout our PE lessons we incorporate the School Games Sporting Values of: determination, honesty, self belief, passion, teamwork, respect.

Click the document below to download our PE two year rolling programme.

Crigglestone St James - Physical Education Overview

Knowledge Organisers and Progression Maps

As part of our PE Curriculum, we include key athletes to support learning. These athletes are from around the world, past and present. It allows children to understand different journeys athletes have had, their accomplishments and how their influence has developed their sport.

Knowledge Organisers

Year A

Autumn Term

Foundations - Knowledge Organisers

Football - Knowledge Organisers

Dance - Knowledge Organisers

Hockey - Knowledge Organisers

Spring Term

Gymnastics - Knowledge Organisers

Netball - Knowledge Organisers

Year B
Summer Term

Dance - Knowledge Organisers

Athletics Knowledge Organisers

Rounders - Knowledge Organisers

Progression Maps

Athletics - Progression Map

Dance - Progression Map

Football - Progression Map

Foundations - Progression Map

Gymnastics - Progression Map

Hockey - Progression Map

Netball - Progression Map

Rounders - Progression Map