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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

Personal Challenge Week - Spring 2021

To welcome all of the children back to school on in the Spring Term, we held a Personal Challenge week where all children would participate in 3 sporting events: Standing Long Jump, Speed Bounce and Cone Dribble. During these events the children would have 3 attempts to create a personal best.

The aim of the Personal Challenge Week was to help all children realise that they are resilient, that they can share their experiences with others to help them succeed and also support each other after spending time apart due to lockdown.

We introduced the children to the School Games Values of: Determination, Passion, Respect, Honesty, Self Belief and Teamwork during this event and these will be part of our sporting ethos for the summer term and into future years.

It was great to have the whole school involved in a sporting activity on their return to school and we look forward to revisiting these challenges in the summer term to create new personal bests.

Pupil Voice

Children throughout school shared their views on the Personal Challenge Week and also gave feedback on how these could be improved in the future.

“I think it was really fun. I liked how we could do 3 attempts because it gave us a chance to improve.”

“I think it would be more fun if we could create our own personal challenges so we could push ourselves to complete our own goals.”

“I enjoyed cone dribble in the personal challenge the most because it got tiring at the end.”

“I liked the personal challenges because it made me realise how good I really am.”

“The personal challenges helped me to learn that determination, passion, respect, honesty, self belief and teamwork are important when doing sports.”

“Teachers should also do these challenges and let us know their results so that we can try and beat them.”

"We could have some running activities so that it isn't always jumping. Two of the three events had jumping in them: Standing Long Jump and Speed Bounce."

Staff Voice

“It was a really enjoyable afternoon. The children all had lots of fun and for some children they hadn’t done activities like these in a while with lock down. It was encouraging to see how happy they were with their progress in each attempt.”

“The children in class enjoyed the variety of activities and the concept of challenging themselves to get a personal best. The children liked the fact they could undertake the activities with their peers, using teamwork to time one another, measure distances and support each other.”