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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

At St. James, we create a range of different pupil leadership opportunities. In addition to the School Council, we also have Reading Ambassadors, Class Captains, Sports Leaders, Prefects, BEAM Ambassadors and a Collective Worship Committee. We aim to bring these together for our 2018 Academy Parliament (where we will ask each group to review the year and provide input and ideas for the 2018/2019 Academy Development Plan). We are also planning to introduce the parliament across the All Saints Partnership in the coming year. Democracy Day forms the starting point for this work each year. Please read below for more about each area of leadership and how it operates.

School Council

The council consists of elected members from each year group in school. Each class has representation. All children are able to stand for election. The elections will take place during our DEMOCRACY DAY on FRIDAY 22ND SEPTEMBER 2017. The Mayor of Wakefield: Cllr Kevin Barker will act as returning officer this year.

The council meets approximately every two weeks with Miss Court. The formal meetings are led by the chair of the council, who is elected at the first meeting.

The aim is to have one major project to lead upon at any time.



* The council was responsible for giving the Wizard of Oz library its theme and design and put into place during Spring Term 2016. The council then identified a range of books that each year group would like to see in there - which were then purchased with the support of delegated funds from the Parent Partnership.

* The council are responsible for many of the ideas in our playground zones. The recent gymnastics zone was a result of council campaigning as was the skipping and den building zone.

* The council planned and targeted sponsored funding for the recent cycle track development.

* The council provide ideas for the next set of academy theme days. Offering reviews of the latest days and suggestions about improvements.

* The council are working alongside the class captains to monitor the weekly impact of our STAR OF SAFETY initiative in 2017/2018.