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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

Reading Ambassadors

Welcome to the St James Reading Ambassadors page. Our Reading Ambassadors are avid readers and book enthusiasts! Being a Reading Ambassador is all about reading for pleasure and sharing the deep enjoyment of reading with others. Our ambassadors have been chosen because of their passion for reading and their enthusiasm to share this. Part of the role of Reading Ambassador is to encourage others in their class to read. At St James we aim to create an environment that values and encourages reading through our learning environment as well as in our curriculum. We want to instil a love of reading and provide opportunities in which children value reading for pleasure. Find out about our current projects and reading updates, by reading our 'Between the Lines' newsletter.

Meet Our Team

Our Reading Ambassadors:

  • Help to reflect and evaluate our current reading strategies and work closely alongside the Reading Co-ordinator
  • Create displays around the school, encouraging other children to find out about new authors, celebrated authors and different books.
  • Make decisions about which books are added to our school and classroom libraries
  • Read and review books and can help other children through their recommendations
  • Choose reading champions (this could be someone who has particularly excelled with their reading or someone who has shown a dedication to increasing the amount that they read).
  • Organise reading events in school to promote reading
  • Design reading competitions and rewards
  • Help to select winners for the ‘Never Ending Story’ initiative
  • Communicate on the development of reading half termly via our ‘Between the Lines’ newspaper. This will be shared with children, parents, staff and governors.

Keep your eyes peeled for all the new reading challenges and competitions coming up!