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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

Safeguarding at St James

Safeguarding at Crigglestone St James School is given top priority. All adults in our school have a responsibility for Safeguarding Children.

There are four adults in school who have completed safeguarding and child protection training for designated leads. We operate a hierarchy system so that staff are clear who they should make contact with in the first instance. If this person is not in school then they would seek assistance from the second person on the list etc.

Safeguarding and Child Protection Hierarchy

  1. Mrs Helen Lloyd, Learning Mentor
  2. Mr Glyn Denton, Headteacher.
  3. Mrs Jenny Butterworth, Assistant Headteacher.
  4. Mrs Yvonne Grant, Inclusion Leader.

The above people complete training every two years. This was last updated in July 2017

Staff & Governors

All staff (teachers, teaching assistants, midday assistants, admin staff and the caretaker) have completed Basic Awareness of Safeguarding Training. Those staff who were not able to attend this training or have joined the school since this date have completed similar training programmes. Staff receive regular safeguarding updates throughout the year via briefings and meetings and complete an online training programme via Safeguard Software annually.

The named Governor for Safeguarding is Mrs Clair Watkins

All staff recruitment panels include at least one person who has completed appropriate 'Safer Recruitment in Education' training. The Headteacher and three governors have completed this training.

All staff in school are required to wear a Crigglestone St James blue lanyard. Visitors must sign in at the school office, where they will be expected to wear a red or green visitor lanyard. The back of the lanyard contains information about who to report child protection concerns to.

All staff, governors, students and volunteers undertake a DBS check and DBS details are kept in a Single Central Record in school. Governors check this record as part of their Safeguarding Governor Challenge morning.

Young People's Safeguarding Charter

Below is a link to the Young People of Wakefield's Safeguarding Charter. Children and Young People in Wakefield want to feel safe, and as a result they have created their Safeguarding Charter which explains what young people expect of the adults in their community to enable them to feel safe and ensure they feel well cared for.

Click here to view the charter

Other Information

The Safeguarding Policy (and related policies) form a central part of the Staff Induction process, and all of these policies are reviewed annually.

We believe that it is important to make children and young people aware of behaviour towards them that is not acceptable, and our curriculum supports children in recognising when their personal safety is being compromised.

We are committed to multi-agency working, in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for all of the pupils at St James.


Please click here to be transferred to our policy section where you will find our up-to-date policies related to safeguarding.


Wakefield District Safeguarding Children Board (WDSCB)

Bullying UK - Information and advice about bullying for children, parents and schools

Kidscape - An organisation which helps to prevent bullying and child abuse

ChildLine - ChildLine is the free helpline for children and young people in the UK

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