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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy

School Uniform

Embroidered school uniform can now be purchased online via Tesco - please click here to visit our section of the Tesco uniform website.

If uniform is not adhered to then parents will be contacted by a member of the senior leadership team, in writing, and an appropriate amount of time will then be given for it to be changed. Please note the uniform list - as checks will be undertaken.

Navy sweatshirt/jumper
White polo shirt or white shirt
Navy/dark grey/Black trousers
Plain black footwear

Navy sweatshirt/jumper/cardigan
White polo shirt or white blouse
Navy/dark grey/black skirt/pinafore dress/trousers
Plain black footwear

* Please note footwear must not contain any other prominent colours, designs or any logos.

Boys: Summer
Dark grey/black shorts (optional)

Girls: Summer
Blue & White check dress (optional)                                 

Boys: P.E Indoor
White tee shirt
Navy shorts

Girls: P.E Indoor
White tee shirt
Navy shorts or Leotard

Boys: P.E Outdoor
Tee shirt & shorts
Leisure trousers
Tracksuit top/sweater

Girls: P.E Outdoor
Tee shirt & shorts
Leggings/Leisure trousers
Tracksuit top/sweater

Swimming (Year 4 boys)
Swimming trunks (not shorts)

Swimming (Year 4 girls)
One piece swimming costume

Please clearly name all items of your children’s clothing.

As well as Tesco, uniform can also be purchased from Trutex, Northgate, Wakefield, WF1 3BX, email wakefield@trutex.com telephone: 01924 299820.

Other suppliers also provide the school uniform.

However, when buying new uniform please purchase items with the new academy badge – some of the older items are available but are being phased out gradually across years 1-6 and the new badge only must be worn in reception class.

** Children may wear items without any school badge/branding if required.

** Children do NOT need to bring a pair of indoor shoes/pumps.

** Tights must only be blue, grey or black and not multi coloured.

** Jewellery and make up should not be worn - including nail varnish.

** Hair should be tied back on PE days.