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Crigglestone St James
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1) Home/School Agreement - Final Draft for 17/18 - Mr Denton shared the Home/School Agreement with parents linking to their suggestions last time. Parents agreed with the expectations suggested from school and the expectation from parents/carers.

2) Re-development and refurbishment plans for St James - Summer Term 2017 and beyond - Mr Denton explained the need to make better use of the space we have. The school wants to create more learning spaces so the children's starting points can be considered more precisely within grouping. To ensure this 'streaming model' can happen, more learning spaces need to be available. Also, the oldest classroom will be moved so it provides an updated, appropriate learning environment. A leadership block will be created at the front of the school and the ICT room will be developed to a larger learning space. 32 new portable laptops are now available to develop the use of ICT across school. Parents were taken on a tour of the school to show them where the changes will occur and explain the impact it will have on the children's learning.

3) Parent views sought on: Recent LKS2 Show/Parents Evening/Election Day/Sports Week/School Information for September 2017/Attendance & Punctuality Policy - Parents support the idea of altering the LKS2 show to two evening performances on different nights. Everyone was happy about the Parents Evening format. Mr Denton shared the general 'I can help session' which will be combined into one session at the beginning of the year. Mr Denton explained the attendance and punctuality policy, which everyone agreed with and supported. Mr Denton discussed the election day school closure developments and the ongoing search for a solution. The Sports Day arrangements will remain as highlighted in his recent letter even if election day changes.

4) New International Community Partnership - Mr Denton shared the partnership with Ragata School in Mara, Tanzania. He shared the 'shoulder to shoulder' celebration/launch day in June. He outlined how the partnership will have both an understanding, communication and fundraising aspect to it. Members of St James Church, the diocese and teachers from the school in Tanzania will be present at the celebration event, the academy will continue to work very closely with St James Church upon all aspects of this.

5) Open Questions from Summer Term

What is the development in the playground like? The parent partnership have bought new equipment for the area and the friendship 'Sunshine' zone is almost complete. The 'Positive Pals' ideas has now been developed to other year groups and has been given a set area on the field.

What are the next steps in early years after the re-development last Summer? A planting area is being developed at the moment to cover aspect of the early years curriculum. The small intervention room has had a positive impact on the pupils development and we continue to use this. We are continuing to prioritise the independence of the children, building their stamina and developing the layer of challenge in readiness for year 1.

Would you be interested in Code Club? This was shared by a parent as some downloadable materials for 9 to 11 year olds. The information is going to be passed on by a parents to Mr Denton.

6) Parent Partnership Fund Raising - the Sal's Shoes initiative was discussed and updated with donations, collections and delivery to London highlighted. Guidelines about packing for safe transportation were considered. It was agreed that correspondence will be sent to parents in July.

Quiz Night will be on the last day of this half term. Sponsors and donations of prizes continue to be sought for this event.

A 'MacMillan Coffee Morning' has been proposed for Saturday 30th September - after the previous success.

Partnership leaders will contact volunteers for support around the forthcoming Sports Week events.



Staff: Mr Denton & Mr Swift

Governor Representatives: Clair Watkins & Liz Morton

Items discussed:

1) External Report Feedback from Governors - Clair and Liz gave feedback from external reviews held by Craig Batley (external consultant) and Margot D'Arcy (a serving OfSTED inspector) who looked at several areas , including all OfSTED categories, pupil premium and governance. They both validated our judgements that we are a good school and that our priorities for moving forward are correct.

2) Parents Evening & Reports Feedback - Overall parents evening feedback was very positive. Everyone likes the one evening that goes on later into the night as it helps with parents who work. Overall, end of term reports were well received and the format for these will remain the same. Being able to talk through books in Reception was useful. It would be helpful to try and look into the days of the week that events are held on such as Pride of St James so that parents who work part time or only on certain days can attend as they do tend to be held on the same days. We will also look into whether it is feasible to have a pride of St James event per class instead of an area of school.

3) Home/School Agreement - We feel that we need to review our Home/School Agreement in order to try and identify what expectations should be regarding home and school. Parents were asked to give some ideas about what school should be expected to do and what parents should be expected to do. This will be then be used to help form our new Home/School agreement. The children will also be given the opportunity to give their views.

4) Parent Partnership Activities - The Christmas Fayre raised approximately £1300. Some of this has been used to buy two 'buddy benches' that will go in our 'Power for Good' area. Our next event is our Disco on Thursday 9th February. The quiz will be on Friday 26th May. The Summer Ball will be held on Saturday 1st July at 'The Space'. It is looking at costing £40 per person, which will include a welcome drink, 3 course meal, coffee, DJ and a reasonably priced bar. We would need 100 people in order to make it viable. It was decided that a letter would be sent out to register interest and that a deposit would be required. It would only go ahead if 100 people or more expressed an interest.

The school council have designed a 'Together Garden' that will go at the front of school (the grassed area in front of Miss Hirst's classroom). This will hopefully be a funded project via the company that a parent works for.

5) Open Questions

  • Have we looked into Class Dojo? A parent explained what this is about regarding improving communication about how the children are doing in school, praise etc. School has considered this but will continue with current systems for the foreseeable future.
  • Have we looked into Young Voices? The academy is now signed up to the next year's event.
  • Do we have any idea how many parents bought the school photographs as some parents seem to prefer more traditional photos and others like the more modern ones? This can be enabled and will require booking slips to be more precise closer to the event. Mrs Payne and Miss Crowther will manage this process.
  • Are we planning on doing the open trip to London again? Due to limited interest this will not take place in 2017.
  • Can you clarify what the Positive Pals is? This is an incentive for some children who currently developing their team spirit in the playground. This has now development to wider year groups and areas of the school field.