Art at St James

At St Jameswe believe Art and Design should engage, inspire and challenge children, providing them with the knowledge and expertise to experiment, design and create their own works of art, skills and design. The children will gain exposure to various artists, crafts-people and periods in history so that they can learn about, and make sense of, the past and its relationship to our present. We hope that art provides the children with a safe space to be creative, giving the children a sense of individual identity and, in turn, helping to improve wellbeing, health and happiness. 

Values Across the Curriculum

Our art curriculum is designed to ensure that the children are aware of the values that underpin our curriculum. Our work in the subject is an ideal opportunity to highlight diversity and study a wide range of artists from different periods in history and from different social groups. Studying the work of great artists, craft makers and designers is also the ideal opportunity for us to promote mutual respect and tolerance when talking about their work and beliefs. We plan for children to enhance our Christian values, particularly koinonia, which focuses upon working together when producing creative work and during the evaluation and analysing phase. Themes, such as peace and hope are highlighted in the work we study and how artists and craft makers wish to portray these themes when thinking about colour and form. Our recent Holy Week 'Stations of the Cross' work is a strong example of how art and design can communicate messages and values - most significantly as a church school.


Our Art Curriculum

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