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At St James we believe that it is important that pupils have a high quality computing education that focusses on computational thinking which enables children to find, explore, analyse, exchange and present information. The core of computing is computer science where children will be taught the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work and programming. Building on this knowledge, pupils will use information technology to create programs, systems and a range of content. We also ensure that our pupils become digitally literate and able to express themselves and develop their ideas through information and communication technology – to be ready, for their future, in an ever increasing digital world.

Values across the curriculum

In order to be "Ready for the Future" our children have to be computer literate. Our world has changed dramatically over the last 2 decades with the advancements in technology and we need to ensure that we equip our children with skills so that they can access the virtual and techological world as well as the physical world. 

Our value of koinonia is promoted, with children given opportunities to work together to explore, discover and solve problems. Children work together, supporting each other in new areas of learning. Together they can ask questions and explore new learning in a safe environment.


We have recently updated our computing curriculum, ensuring that it is relevant for our children today, is challenging and allows children to progress. We use the DfE Teach Computing scheme to support us to deliver our curriculum and use various resources, including laptops, floorbots and ipdas.

Computing is taught on a weekly basis from Year 1 right up to Year 6. Children in Reception start to learn about computing and the use of technology in the Understanding the World strand of the EYFS Framework.

The Teach Computing scheme ensures children have the opportunity to learn all areas of computing, and builds on these skills year on year. As we are just sarting out with Teach Computing, the knowledge and skills taught within the curriculum will be rolled out over the next few years. Children in KS1 will start with the Year 1 curriculum and will move on to Year 2 in 2023-24. Children in KS2 will start with the Year 3 curriculum and will move up each year. This ensures that children's foundations of computing are solid and chidlren can refer back to, and apply them in Years 5 and 6.

Our Computing Curriculum

Computing 2023 long term plan.png

Year B is 2023-24, Year A is 2024-25                 


E-safety is paramount to us. Our children are growing in an increasingly online world and knowing how to stay safe 'virtually' is just as important as knowling how to stay saef in the physical world. Children learn about e-safety throughout the year, through discreet e-safety lessons in RSE and also in Me-Safety weeks. Prior to Covid-19, the PCSOs worked with children on the importance of, and how to stay safe online. We are looking to resume these sessions, as children need to know what to look out for and how they can help themselves when online.  

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