Geography at St James

We use the Reach Out curriculum to ensure that our Geography curriculum is progressive. The units of learning are carefully mapped out over the 2 year curriculum, to esnure that children recall and then build on prior learning in a sequential manner. Teachers adapt the lessons, where needed, so that they best meet children's needs, lessons can take longer if children need longer to remember their learning. A variety of resources and activities are used to engage children and to help make learning 'real'.

Values Across the Curriculum

Thankfulness is a value that we attempt to foster when studying the physical and human geography across our world. We constantly like to draw the children into comparisons of their own location with that of other diverse cultures and communities. Geography presents an ideal opportunity to equality and diversity in detail. Studies of contrasting locations is carefully planned to enable this. Individual liberty and rule of law enter into our studies and discussions. Rule of law is covered directly when we consider countries and capital cities and the significance of these as the places where laws are often generated. Mutual respect, koinonia and tolerance all underpin geography and our strong partnership with Ragata School in Tanzania ensures these values have deeper meaning within our Christian friendship across continents.

Our Geography Curriculum


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