We have reviewed our curriculum offer this year, as we want to ensure that children have a broad and balanced curriculum. Foundation subjects should be given the same amount of learning time over the 2-year rolling programme, one subject should not be favoured over the other. The new curriculum will begin in September 2022.

To ensure that there is progression in learning, subject leaders have been working hard to to carefully sequence a child's learning journey in their subject over the 2 year curriculum. They have been writing progression grids to show how learning moves forward, and is not repeated. The progression grids are working documents. They are not fully finalised, as we have not yet started teaching the revised curriculum. Progression grids will be updated throughout each year, revised versions will be added to the website so that parents can see the 'finer detail' to children's learning. You will be able to read the progression grids for each subject on the subject page. 


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