Code of Conduct

The Star of Safety: Our Pupil Code of Conduct for Safety and Equality

Our Children’s Equal Opportunity Policy and their Code of Conduct is in the form of an agreed poster combining 5 constant points of action. These were drawn up during a series of special values and rights assemblies with the children across school being asked two questions: How do you want everyone to feel in your school? What can we do to achieve this? Quite simply, the policy is their own in design, use and management. The children determine their own reward levels based upon their judgements of safety week-by-week. We use our Rainbow Reflection Zone in the playground as the holding place for our dedication to safety, respect and equality in our school. The BEAM Ambassadors are the children's own trained leaders for this. Our children wanted something that they can use, understand and make their own. The 'Star of Safety' does that.

Our Star of Safety is our working version of the Young People's Charter. This means we can put the charter into use everyday to make a difference.

Our discussions and ideas considered the following areas and these have been captured within our agreed actions.

In our school no one will be made to feel different because:

  • of wearing glasses
  • we are a boy or a girl or are making choices about who we feel we are
  • of the colour of our skin
  • of the shape or size of our body
  • of the colour of our hair
  • of our accent or language
  • we may have a particular skill or talent
  • of where we live
  • we are rich or poor
  • of our religion
  • we have a disability
  • we have particular individual needs

We will not:

  • be rude about their background
  • name calling or make threats
  • be racist
  • interfere with property
  • physically hurt someone
  • tolerate any form of bullying

If we are being bullied we will tell!

If we know of anyone else who is being bullied we will tell!

If we know that someone else is a bully we will tell!


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