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Crigglestone St James
CE Primary Academy


Welcome to our website for 2016/2017.

A new year and a new start for everyone, including a new beginning for our reception children. A particular warm welcome to so many new families joining us for the first time and a chance to continue building upon relationships with those who already at St. James. Myself, and my team, are ready to continue building upon the steps we took last year when my headship began.

As last year, I would reiterate that St James will be known as a school that can take advice, listen to criticism, be strong and have conviction when required, yet accept that we are human.

We are not afraid to try new ideas and make changes that we believe will improve the learning experience for our children. I expect the best from everyone – particularly in terms of the attitude to life at St James. However, this will not be at the expense of losing a sense of fun and using a common sense approach.

Be in no doubt that teaching and learning is our passion. It is our drive. It is our reason for being here. Being a dedicated teacher is more than a job - it literally is a way of life. Never underestimate the desire that every member of my team here possesses and how every decision is taken with care and with the best intentions. Everything is geared towards our children’s academic and social development in equal measure, fostering our British and Christian values along the way. We wish to see each child achieving their optimum academically but with the social skills needed to ensure that knowledge is guided by a moral and spiritual conscience that will make a better future for all.

Keep achieving together.

Mr G T Denton