History at St James

At St James we believe that it is important that children gain coherent knowledge and an understanding of how Britain’s past has been influenced over time by the wider world. Our History Curriculum follows the Reach Out scheme of work which ensures children have access to inspiring lessons that allow them to understand chronology, the history of the world around them and how people’s lives have been shaped because of this. Our aim is to ensure children are taught about a range of different groups/societies and how these have developed over time, as well as linking these to current events so that they can make an active contribution in society going forward. 

Values Across the Curriculum

At St. James' our history curriculum is designed to embrace themes such as equality, diversity, democracy, respect and tolerance. We therefore offer a history curriculum that we can learn from and learn about - creating stronger, more rounded, young people who are ready for the future - as our vision states. Our Christian values of Peace and forgiveness and hope are constant themes which are also embedded in our history curriculum. We see history as the ideal way to foster the children's values and work hard to show how history is shaped by people, places and events which represent all groups in our global community and not just a white-British reflection of history. We want to challenge their thinking and open up their view of the world.

Our History Curriculum

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