Science at St James

At St James Academy we teach children within the areas of physics, biology and chemistry. They are taught fundamental aspects, ensuring they have the knowledge, understanding and vocabulary to explore the methods, processes and uses of science. Children will have opportunities to ask and explore questions through a range of resources and activities. We will teach specific scientific skills through problem solving, team work and in investigations providing children with an education to explore how science has impacted the ever-developing world around us and preparing them for the future.

Values Across the Curriculum

During Science lessons pupils take part in a great amount of group and partner work. During this time, pupils listen carefully to each other's ideas in an environment which fosters mutual respect and trust. Democracy is central to our group work here, as children have to take on board specific roles. They have listen to each other. They must complete their part of the work so as not to let their teammates down. They must plan investigations taking account of all views and must evaluate their successes areas to improve collectively. We aim for science to be a real driver for developing an understanding of what democracy means in a climate of trust and forgiveness. 

Our Science Curriculum

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