Music at St James

Pre Covid-19, the school had a strong choir who took part in Young Voices and attended Sheffield Arena to perform at the Young Voices concert. This is something that we are looking to bring back next year. 

Children are taught discrete music sessions each term, using the Charanga scheme and resources to support teaching and learning. Children also listen to pieces of music from infuential composers at least once a week. There is a composer of the fortnight and children can listen to the music and share thier views about the music.

We want our children to have a stronger understanding of the many different styles of music, as well as appreciating how music can be made, performed and enjoyed by many. 

Values Across the Curriculum

Music provides children with opportunities to develop koinonia and mutual respect by working in teams - whether it be to compose, rehearse or perform. Children require perseverance, tolerance and a willingness to learn and with exciting topics, the children can engage with this to produce fantastic performances and compositions. They show respect and understanding when appraising different genres of music. We see music as a fabulous opportunity to consider diversity. We therefore consider music from different traditions and composers and musicians who reflect this.

Our Music Curriculum

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