Collective Worship

Collective Acts of Worship

At Crigglestone St James CE Primary Academy we recognise and aim to fulfil our roles as a church school and as a school of the local community. We value our friendship with St James the Great Church, Chapelthorpe and its surrounding community. As Covid-19 regulations have lifted, we have enjoyed returning to the church to worship and celebrate with our parents. We are looking forward to resuming our regular visits to the church throughout the year - these are a source of great pride for the school and reflects the strength of the bond between school, Reverend Kevin and his team. Children also enjoy the half termly Collective Worships that Reverend Kevin undertakes in school.

Whole school collective worship is provided each day in accordance with the principles and values of the Church of England as stated in the Trust Deed. However, we generate opportunities for classes to undertake their own additional acts of worship and we have created opportunities for taking the messages and themes from worship across our school life through reflection, acts of peace and pupil leadership. The lasting impact of worship at St James is just as important as attending our daily acts of worship. Using these teachings helps prepare every one of us for the challenges in the future.

Our daily acts of worship are driven by our vision of readiness for the future and our central belief that service to others is at the heart of the Old and New Testament parables. We draw upon 'The Good Samaritan' as the central, but not exclusive, example of these with our children.

You can read more about our rationale for Collective Worship by downloading the document below.

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