Our Vision

‘Ready for the Future’

We provide a happy and safe environment for everyone, opportunities to take responsibility and lead, promote curiosity and engagement with the world around us and to be kind and respectful to all. We are resilient and not afraid to make mistakes. We are ready for the future.

Our key Christian values that arise from our vision are:

  • Trust
  • Hope
  • Peace
  • Forgiveness
  • Koinonia
  • Thankfulness

Our vision is rooted in the parable of the ‘The Good Samaritan’ which helps us to understand that help may come from those we least expect. It teaches us to have hope, have trust in others and to be kind to all. It demonstrates how we can use our skills and knowledge to serve others and shows our collective readiness for the future. This is what you will find across our academy.

Let's Connect

Let's Connect

Who We Are

Crigglestone St JamesCE Primary Academy

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