Curriculum Rationale

Curriculum rationale

Our curriculum is based on our vision: "Ready for the Future":

We provide a happy and safe environment for everyone, opportunities to take responsibility and lead, promote curiosity and engagement with the world around us and to be kind and respectful to all. We are resilient and not afraid to make mistakes. We are ready for the future.

As we are a 1.5 form entry school, we have a mixed year group class in each phase (Class 1/2, Class 3/4 and Class 5/6). Because of this, our curriculum runs over a 2 year cycle. It is carefully planned to ensure that children have opportunities to learn about, know and live our vision. We use either a 'Big Question' or a provocative statement in wider curriculum areas to help promote curiosity and to support children's ability to debate and discuss, whilst understanding and showing respect to others who may have different opinions. The ability to discuss, share and lead with respect is reinforced in all areas of the curriculum, incuding maths, reading, writing and RE.

The parable of the Good Samaritan reinforces our vision. This is woven through our curriculum, supporting children to understand that we can all be a good samaritan each and every day. 

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Let's Connect

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