Spirituality in the Curriculum

Spirituality - Our Definition

To challenge? To change? To re-affirm? A spiritual curriculum does all of these things to the beliefs of everyone at St James. It is about creating a climate of safety to express and explore key questions. It is a curriculum with knowledge at its heart but not for the purpose of retaining facts, instead this knowledge should prompt questions, thoughts and enquiry. Knowledge should promote desire to know more. Take this philosophy, wrap it within skills that unlock this and with content that is specifically designed for the needs of our children in our community and we create the climate for spiritual development across our school day.

Differentiation and challenge is engineered through the depth of a question or a response to a question, more than simply 'the next activity'. Talk is essential, disagreement is important and realising you may have been wrong and can learn from mistakes are qualities that are embraced and encouraged. Be it an act of worship, playground leadership, re-drafting writing or understanding life in World War Two - every aspect of our day plays an equal role in promoting spiritual development. Our attempt is to make this ever present. Faith and spirituality may not be the same thing, but a meaningful learning opportunity can enhance our own appreciation of either or both.

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